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I am Reverend Mitra, officially ordained Pastor, Certified Life Coach Practitioner, Life Skill Coach and Emotional Healer.

Since I won’t proclaim any religion and I won’t invite you to any Church, you can address me with confidence in an informal manner using my nickname, MARIKA. (I put a letter A before my name for an easier pronunciation.)

My theological and psychological studies,  and experiences from being involved for decades serving in different Christian denominational and non- denominational congregations, helped me to become an effective Emotional Healer.

I am a change manager, being a temporary assistant for the Holy Spirit.

I have my personal relationship with God and this has nothing to do with religion. I walk with God and I live in His presence.

IMMANUEL means God is with us. Heavenly Perspectives are reflecting our relationship with our God.

I am convinced that this Blessing, to feel His Unconditional Love in Our Heart heals everyone regardless of their religious or non religious belief .

(By Heart I mean the center of our inner being, the very core of who we are.)

I welcome you to this “place” or opportunity where unhealthy beliefs are cleared, negative emotions are transformed, and you can get the help for living the life you want. I know when we love the life we live, we are living the life we love.

Knowing yourself as who you truly are, is a never ending Journey.

I invite you to your Journey toward a better health and happiness with the experience that you are never alone.

God is my primary and most important relationship, the Source for all my Blessings.

This Page is not about my credentials, or professional achievements and certainly is not about my religious beliefs. (Religions each have identifiable and exclusive sets of beliefs.)

Please consider this page About AMARIKA as a testimony( my beliefs ) and to a better understanding of what can I offer you or how can I help you.

It is written in the Scriptures that Immanuel means “God is with us”(Matthew 1:23 and Isaiah 7:14) and this is exactly the moment-to-moment of my personal experiences.


In other words or as short testimony:

IMMANUEL+” Walking with God, Living in His Presence”= WE ARE TOGETHER4EVER 

God’s omnipresent favor guides me daily, inspiring, motivating and encouraging me.

I feel protected, secured forever but right here and right now on Earth, as it is in Heaven.

Heaven isn’t only a place as “Kingdom of Heaven” or our “Eternal Home”.

Heaven isn’t only a place where we go when we die, but also a state of mind, to me it is the State of my Mind. ( my heartfelt feelings here on my Earthly journey for experiencing happiness from Heavenly Perspectives.)

Wisdom flowing from these blessings, the unconditioned heavenly formula and the awesome freedom from misconceptions or religiously prescribed rules.

You can read more about HEAVENLY PERSPECTIVES– where I’m not explaining a new heavenly or worldly formula for living.

I respect individual choices without judgement and the unique perception of others.

God unconditional Love liberated me to perceive differently, beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing.

Eternal perspectives liberates us from limited thinking or misconceptions, false beliefs and this opens the door of Heaven to anybody.

There is no need to force on others our own perceptions or beliefs.

We were all created in God’s Image and with Free Will.

It is our God-given ability to think and choose accordingly to our Free Will.  Free Will is not an illusion.

We humans are highly intelligent beings, created with free will but our Choices are our responsibilities: we all are respons-able.

Therefore we are directly responsible for what we choose to think about. (Thinking that we are not responsible for our our own thinking or actions, provides an excuse and this kills the free will.)

This free will needs to be restored in order to produce a healthy state of mind;  enough of philosophy let the love lead and the healing will begin.

Our body was created with an incredible healing ability. Once we begin to take responsibility for our own health, miracles follow.

God created everything, and that includes science and physics. He reveled the laws of this material world we live in.

Personally, I believe God can be admired in another ways than just from religious aspects.

Since our choices get under the skin of our DNA, changing the structure of the neurons in our brains, epigenetics or neuroplasticity are scientific proofs in our days: our choices impact our physical brain and body or emotional health.

As Emotional Healer, teaching individual approaches for overcoming unhealthy beliefs or to release emotional pain, I provide practical self-healing techniques. Experience how important is your willingness: choose now and make a decision for improving your health. It will make you happy.

The truth is that happiness suits us; just be happy for no reason and don’t forget ever, that happiness is good for your health!


Learning the language of your own feeling or how to communicate them with others not only helps to transform negative emotions but it is the best relationship builder. The more you know yourself, the better you handle your relationships.

As Spiritual Counselor I help others along their path to spiritual growth. I consider myself “spiritual” without the principles of religion because my priority is my clients well being.

I use a form of counseling to help my client’s soul as well, as their mind and body by accessing their individual belief systems. (Using that faith in a higher power, helping them to achieve a deeper connection with this power.)

Chaotic mind filled with destructive thoughts or fear-related emotions send out wrong signals.

False beliefs fills the mind and the heart with Fear. This Fear is deceptive because it is the biggest liar!

Consider it your Soul Enemy’s Trojan Horse.

Those unhealthy beliefs that causes us to be afraid subconsciously, blocks us from living the life we want.

A wrong belief always causes stress, the source of many diseases, weakens immune system, makes our prayers ineffective.

There is no such a thing as Stress, yet every one of us knows the tension from stress that drains our energy and dumb us down, causing us to come at everything from a negative perspective.

The good news is that these unhealthy beliefs and their associated misconceptions can be healed, negative feelings transformed to positive experiences.

Don’t forget: “Anything is possible if you believe!” but be careful what you believe, as it can heal you or kill you.

Using healthy ways to manage your negative emotions with my emotional healing techniques it’s easy because you can always revisit the sources I provide you with. read more about BENEFITS FROM HELP WITH AMARIKA

STAY BLESSED AND BE HAPPY! HAPPINESS IS GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH: http://lifecoachmarika.com/penn-pal-amarika/