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*Aging isn’t only about how we look or feel but it is more about our attitude.

50+Healthy Attitude    Motto: Stop making excuses and get a Healthy Attitude!

Our attitude is the paintbrush of our mind and actually can change our brain chemistry.

„A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but a heartache crushes the spirit.”

– Proverbs 15:13

I have been life coach long before even the coaching concept was invented but officially I became a certified life coach practitioner in 2008 January with Certified Coaches Federation in Toronto.

With all my experiences and professional background I offer you my own mentoring program and self-help strategies on how to become your own life coach for a lifetime.

In life we all want to be led by someone who will save us time, give us ideas, connect with us on a personal level and staying with us on this Journey.

The most and always available life coach for you at hand, it is You!

Once you learn the techniques and strategies it’s easy to be positively amazing with your resource guide.

Email-Coaching is convenient because you can read over what you learned once and you can apply later on because you have already your self-help-experiences or the Script that can be used in another situation.

Counseling people for many years in different cultural background, being a teacher- preacher or using life coaching in my congregations, helped me to become who I am today, a mental and emotional expert.

Emotional freedom is our ability to connect with our body and utilize emotions, feelings, senses, and intuition to guide us into an empowered alignment with purpose.

Happy- Healthy Solutions with AMARIKA are individualized strategies for achieving healthy emotions with Self-Help techniques.

With my Healing Words I am able to inspire, encourage and support this individual journey toward a better health.

Emotions are one of the three fundamental God-Given building blocks of our personalities.

The other two blocks are intelligence and will.

At all the three level of wholeness we also need healthy perceptions and beliefs for emotional stability.

Emotional well being is not the absence of emotions, but it is your ability to understand the value of your emotions and use them to move your life forward in positive directions.

I experienced many times working all my life with people that the most painful moments in most people’s lives was from emotional pain.

It is not hard to see that when an extremely gifted or intelligent person has damaged emotions but having a lifetime of struggle, will never reach its potential.

Perhaps a great shock as officially ordained Pastor was that so many religious person who were trying everything to live a good life were in so much emotional pain.

Their suffering seemed greater than those who had no religion, since they would never admit their pain and were extremely ashamed to go for help.

Religion supposed to be a source of comfort and hope but they were “Goodly” and seemed this become a barrier that prevented them to see the truth in love and admit their problems.

Who isn’t honest enough to admit that something doesn’t work and to get outside help for fear of being condemned and shamed by fellow believers it is trapped in emotional suffering and loneliness.

Benefits for gaining greater emotional well-being include knowing that your needs are important and that you deserve to have a life where you feel happy and secure.

Honesty is the key for emotional balance: When you are able to identify your heart’s desires, together we can take positive actions for making those changes in your life where imbalance occurred.


Experience healing, take control of your time or prevent depression, avoiding the blue epidemic in this world of anxiety.

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