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Strategy Coaching, Emotional Healing and Multitude of Choices with AMARIKA


*SELF-HELP Techniques and Strategies; Prescriptions for Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit




Grieving the Loss is Normal and a Natural Process. Daily Meditations to help you through the Grieving Process is a HAPPY-HEALTHY SOLUTION. I recommand the Silver Option Experience 

Grief is a very unique an individual experience and prolonged grief process is relatively rare but unresolved grief leads to unnecessary and intense emotional pain that affects your health adversely.

Since grief has many faces and it is an individual experience everyone’s grief is unique. Feelings of grief are so much devastating, tha we often suppress our feelings.

How we cope with our loss it is very crucial to our health. Help with AMARIKA through Grief is a Blessed Assurance.

There are many kind of losses and grievings. Ending a relationship or loosing our health, struggling with weight, chronic pain and you name it- can be a grief too.

Every loss that triggers grief needs attention. Do not postpone dealing with your sorrow, only leads to hidden grief.

No matter what is the loss you are facing, always require outside help. It is not only about what you lost or who are you missing but it is so much more about how you move on with your life. Being stuck in grief is a recipe for disease.

Unresolved negative emotions have the power to create physical conditions, especially the long-term experiences.

Healthy Grieving with my Emotional Support is a new perspective, when loss doesn’t means less. All begins with a new insight, Perception Transformation( content available only for  Members).

Emotional support to deal successfully with a difficult situation always speeding any healing process.

With sensitive and understanding approach I am helping my clients to experience “good grief” when the sorrow or loneliness will turn out to become a doorway to healing and life.

Love that lives within each of us is the source of all healling that we experience.

How we face aging could trigger grief too. But aging is not a disease and definietly is not the end of the world!

Aging it is not only about how we look or how we feel but it is more about our ATTITUDE.
Did you know that attitude isn’t only a paintbrush for our mind, but actually can change our brain chemistry?

When you stop making excuses, you will obtain a healthy attitude! 

YOUR BRAIN IS THE HARDWARE OF YOUR SOUL. Increase your Brain’s creativity, energy and focus by learning new habits to keep your brain fit.

As an effective Change Manager I will help you to learn the cure for the devastating emotion of helplessness.
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BENEFITS FROM HELP WITH AMARIKA: Self-Help Experiences, Effective Healing Techniques, Brain Health Plan, and many options are available with solution focused Strategy Coaching and/or Mentoring.

Creating your own Self–Help Manual with my instructions, not only will improve the quality of your life but any problem will occur later in your life can be worked out with the same methods.

You can choose from different posibilities that are available and convenient, from my home to your home and you can save traveling time, traffic- how convenient is that?

My Email-Coaching Method (email and/or Skype Sessions) is not an electronic or online coaching program. I

am helping my clients with exercises involving self- help techniques or teaching them strategies to use their abilities to obtain their personal goals.

All difficult life situations, challenges, obstacles or issues that appear problematic can be transformed, resulting in wonderful opportunities to learn from it. The art of self-help is a Lifestyle.

Once you learned, later can be applied, the same techniques or strategies in other situations.

Happiness is good for your health: Be Happy! Write me today an email how can I help you:

Don’t forget  *I am Your “Pen Pal”: AMARIKA

The emotional support I provide through email (Inspiration, Motivation, Encouragement, Spiritual Guidance) it is addressing exactly to your needs. Pen and paper was always an alliance for me. I could easily digest my thoughts, understand and express my emotions. My Healing Words are helping others to learn the art of self-help. or

Choices from My Home to Your Home @ your convenience: affordable E-Coaching!
Experience the benefits of Journal writing therapy.
Journal therapy is primarily used with people in therapy to increase awareness and insight, promote change and growth, and to further develop their sense of self.

USE THE INCREDIBLE POWER OF YOUR MIND TO HEAL- Starts with one basic idea: You control your thoughts, and with them you can take charge of your own health and healing.

Since Healthy Living is a Journey, and not a destination where once you arrived you don’t need to keep going, it takes self-discipline. But the secret for self-discipline is that the more you practice, the more you will have.

Like your muscles, it can be developed. With my Coaching you can Super Achieve. (I used myself the success startegy used by Super Achivers and changed my life).

EMOTIONAL HEALTH IS FREEDOM- And healing your emotions is it in your best interest!

I am familiar with the nature of emotional bondages since I worked with people all my life.

Emotional issuees are too uncomfortable to be discussed and the feelings that are supressed or buried alive become complicated. Unfortunatelly emotional strugles manifest them selves in the physical and according to my experiences the most painful moments in most people’s lives was from emotional, not physical pain.

Of all the languages in the world, the most difficult language to communicate is the language of feelings.

The ability to identify the source of our true feelings without denial is crucial because negative feelings manifest in our physical energy field. Affects very much each day of our lives but affects our health and relationships also.

The SILVER OPTION EXPERIENCE is a 21 Day Transformation Technique how to exchange negative feelings into positive experience.

Because I experienced myself that pain is inevitable but suffering is optional, I have a customized a solution for Natural approach for Sciatica relief and lower back pain: Why Chronic Pain  such as back pain is connected to “our head”?

Surely, aging is a factor in weight gain. Mid-life weight gain comes with the shift in hormones, and the changes we face with a sedentary lifestyle doesn’t help neither.
Stop Gaining Weight written by Dr. Paula Pawlack opened the windows of my mind. I taught myself how continual conscious and unconscious messages alert our brain chemicals related to the search for food.
Growing old without aging is a dream we all have; however, with my emotional support you will understand how it is your conceptions surrounding life, and not the food makes you fat.
The same brain chemistry is produced whether you eat a brownie or offer a helping hand. Because Love is energizing and feels euphoric, the best way to heal ourselves by helping to heal others.

Home Cooked Meals are made with Love. You will benefit from it as well and your loved ones too.
Love is not something you have, it is something that you do.

I provide you not only with healthy recipes and tips but I teach you prepare home cooked meals with Love.

Regular Exercise is good not only for your body but it is good for your mind and for your mood also because changes your brain chemistry. But we don’t know really until we experience.
Brain and body workouts to improve emotional health are many but I am partnering with you in this Journey.
I am your Exercise Buddy to begin your healthy journey and I will be coaching you for 21 days.

HELP YOURSELF AND GOD WILL HELP YOU– Isn’t only a saying but a strong and supportive belief.
I do not promote any religion but rather a personal relationship with God. The power of your subconscious mind will open the prison of fear and you will enter into the realm of eternal life where effective prayers are born. Prayer is an ever-present aid in the time of trouble, but is not an emergency exit.

The power of prayer is a privilege for all. If you need guidance, prayer request, contact me: Get Help Now