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Born in Transylvania (belonging to Romania) but being member of a mistreated minority and grievously persecuted, I experienced myself a lot of injustices. Understandibly felt anger over unjust treatment but I learn a vital lesson: never let anger to overpower me.

ANGER is just one letter short of D-ANGER. I believe when the heat of anger consumes us our spirit is weaken. The higher degree of heat the more people gets hurt, includig us.

Anger is a strong emotion of irritation or agitation but is a wide ubrella word covering many emotions. Hot or quick temper is associated with anger. Everyone feels the heat of anger, but how you handle the heat determines whether or not you are misusing it.

Injustices indeed ignites anger but the causes for my anger was fear. I overcome all my fear- based emotions and circumstances with healthy beliefs and unshakable faith.

Those circumstances never stopped me from thinking of my home as a beautiful land of fairies as Transylvania was used to be called.

I choose to let only the good things shape my spirit. I learned this early from my Transylvanian roots and this followed me all my life-God’s Love supported me emotionally in any circumstances or challenges that life throw at me.

All begin with being persecuted, unjustly treated but at the end everything was used for my benefit. Looking back, I can state that even when I was hurt, fearful, frustrated and unfairly treated I refuse to let someone else control my emotions.

Heavenly Perspectives turned my experiences into blessings, and helped many to understand that they are not alone in their struggles. Miracles happens in our lives even when we do not expect them!


Consciously directed, with a healthy expectations and effective prayers we can multiply these miracles and blessings in our lives because we are never alone.


I immigrated to Hungary, Budapest in the nineties, where I was studying for a period of four years at Karoli Gaspar Theological Faculty.


Being a teacher of religious education in several schools and Church groups, doing marriage and family counseling for years with families somehow prepared me to become an expert in emotional wellness.


Twenty years ago when we immigrated with my family to Toronto, Canada I continued my studies in the States and I was officially ordained as pastor in Hungarian Churches.


Being an officially ordained minister in US and having my Bishop there, traveling all across in North America, serving in different Churches, Christian denominational and non -denominational congregations added to my experiences working with people.