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I am Your Pen Pal.

Not by the meaning of traditional way and in order to avoid confusions, let me explain:

Having my passion for writing lead me to realization that writing emails to others with My Healing Words is it a quick help for many in the face of uncertainty or in an unexpected situation. In today’s world regardless of the distances we face, we are all connected through internet.

From the comfort of my home to your home I am offering many Happy &Healthy Solutions for your Body, Mind and Spirit.

Exchanging letters was always my passion because I love to write. I can express myself very easily in writing, since of my age twelve when I wrote my first successful story in the school. This is how writing became my passion for a life.

Long before the email was invented and used by many, having this passion for writing, wrote many letters to my friends.

Exchanging many letters with others made me a Pen Pal for many.

(Pen Pals are people who regularly write to each other, particularly via postal mail.)

I become the Queen of the Pen Pal’s. I could not write twice the same thing and all my friends loved my letters. I was told that they kept my letters close somewhere at hand and reread many times.

With time, from the Queen of the Pen Pal’s I evolved gradually to key-pal or e-pal because we all begin to exchange emails.

Combining my passion with Life Coaching, I become an E-mail -Coach.
I am your Email-COACH (which doesn’t stands for Electronic Coach because I am not a software program).

I am much more than just an Email-Coach+ Pen Pal.

I am Emotional Healer using Healing Words to inspire, encourage, advise, transform or lift you to a higher truth.

Words communicate and have enormous energy, carrying creative force but when their energy is focused: Words Take On A New Life.

In order to experience all these benefits you need to find out for yourself.

Write me an e-mail  and your “PEN PAL” with her Healing Words will offer you the perfect Solution.

Be advised, BE-ing encouraged,  BE-ing inspired or just having your own self-help strategy at hand in attaining inner peace, preventing diseases, super achieving in any goal of yours, it was always convenient for my Clients.

You don’t need to be on time to stress yourself or travel and fight the traffic to meet me. Once we are connected, from there on we can maintain communication at your speed and availability. With a Monthly Membership fee, less than a coffee’s price a day I am your Pen Pal.

Grief E-Coaching is simple and yet effective way for a Healthy Grieving. Since Grieving process can trigger a host of unfamiliar and confusing emotions and behaviors, it is perfectly natural to ask for outside help.

Healthy Grieving is experienced not only after the death of a loved one but anytime something significant is taken away from us. We grieve for many reasons, be it the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, the end of a relationship, or the loss of good health.

In fact, even events of wider scale, such as natural disasters or terrorist attacks can cause us to grieve. When theses emotions are suppressed and theses destructive feeling are buried alive, they don’t die. They just create further complications and diseases in physical level.

Healthy Grieving with  AMARIKA are all natural ways to cope with your loss.  Your sense of safety and security will be restored by learning how to move on with your life and finding your inner happiness set-point. Daily Meditations available only for my Clients.

When we are happy from inside out, regardless of our given external circumstances, it is extremely good for our health! Creating and maintaining this psychological state it is a whole new way of living.

You can experience all these benefits with AMARIKA by exchanging emails.

Contact me for help and energize your Body, nourish your Mind and grow Spiritually.

With only a Monthly Membership Fee you can be my Pen Pal and together we can find real Solutions for anything you struggle, being emotional issue or having a difficult relationship.  Use one of the following email addresses@ your convenience