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Blessed with Heavenly Perspectives

Living with an Everlasting State of Mind


We are all born with love, destined for Heaven! Indeed and regardless of religious perception, because Heaven is our legitimate inheritance.

Yes, Heaven it is your legitimate inheritance and original destination!

Since Heaven isn’t only a place but also a State of Mind, Heaven on Earth isn’t a science fiction. You may ask, “There is such possibility like Heaven on Earth? “

Essentially, there are two perspectives through which we can view every situation in life.  One is the “heavenly”; the other is “worldly.”

We all have the power and ability to transition our thinking out of the worldly perspective and into a heavenly one.

I am Reverend Mitra, officially ordained minister, Certified Life Coach Practitioner, Emotional Healer and I’ll coach you toward your Destiny!

As a temporary assistant for God I am making this Journey for you enjoyable.

You have an extraordinary ability to determine, achieve and maintain optimal levels of intelligence, mental health, and emotional wellness.

Through conscious effort you will be able to can gain control of your thoughts and feelings to prevent disease in your body and mind, as well to heal yourself from the existing one.

When I am talking about God and Heaven, I am not talking about religion but about the most important relationship we all can have and benefit from it.

Happy –Healthy Solutions with AMARIKA is offering the beginning of your Journey for Heavenly Perspectives;

E-mail guidance and messages from the Divine realm and the key in your hand for effective prayers. (Your emotional recovery and the beginning of Forever Freedom)

In today’s information world according to the neuroscience, the “science” of creating Heaven on Earth isn’t a mystery anymore but only a matter of belief.

Beliefs are one of the most crucial foundations of our lives because as the saying goes, “our beliefs can heal us or can even kill us”.

Beliefs are essential for so many reasons and truly anything is possible for those who believe because we always do exactly what we believe.

Faith always comes from what we believe. Even when is badly influenced and it’s destructive or self-sabotaging.

I believe and I am convinced, Love and Life are from God and where is God, there is Heaven.

This Truth in Love through my Faith is the source of a perfect, everlasting Love and this is the “place” from where my Heavenly Perspectives are born.

“Heavenly Perspectives” were born from my personal relationship with God and this is how my Heaven on Earth was created.

Heaven on Earth it is my reality of how I perceive Heaven. You need to have your own version of reality.

I have my Heavenly Perspectives in the midst of my Earthly circumstances because I walk with God and I live in His presence.

We are all born and designed in unique ways to be destined to Heaven. Only that certain misconceptions are invading our mind and different perceptions are clouding our free will.

But when the desire of your heart is restored with your free will, emotional freedom is experienced in amazing measures. Conscious choices effect the physical world.

Even Quantum physics has as its basic ingredients free will, thinking with conscious direction as the result of a choice, and consequence.

I am strongly convinced that God is the One who put eternity in our hearts.

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